Lone Working Solutions

Lone Working Solutions

To automatically or manually summon assistance in lone worker emergency situations. Helping you to meet your employer Health and Safety obligations for your staff.

  • Pocket Pager with Vibrate and/or Bleep
  • Text Message ID
  • Can be used with Auto diallers
  • Siren and Flashing Light Available

The worker Sentry system is designed to help protect your lone workers and provide a means of raising an alarm within an organisation. A system comprises of one or more lone worker alarm transmitters, which when activated, send an alarm signal back to a central receiver.

The Lone worker alarm transmitter can be carried in a pocket, or worn in the carrying pouch (supplied). It features buttons, which allow the lone worker to call for help, and it also features a tilt switch, which automatically triggers an alarm should the lone worker collapse, or be injured. The pull-cord is a security feature, which may be clipped to a belt, and should the unit be forcibly removed, an alarm will be triggered.

The central receiver is a wall-mounted enclosure, featuring a number of indicators, a sounder, and a reset button. Upon receiving an alarm signal, the corresponding indicator illuminates, and the sounder starts. The alarm is cancelled when the reset button on the central receiver is pressed.

Systems for Schools

Our system for schools is simple, the lone worker has a simple transmitter that he can trigger or if he falls and is motionless will activate. This will send a signal to the auto dialler and it will contact either a nominated person from the school, or it can be set to contact RCM Services who will firstly try to raise the employee by telephone and if there is no response will send someone to site to investigate.

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